Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perfect Places for Your Food’s Trip in Bandung (Part VI)

Thus, the last meal for this trip to complete the taste of Bandung is in Batagor Riri. Batagor is a contraction of bakso tahu goreng, fried meatballs and tofu, only the meatballs are made of fish and both are dipped in batter before fried. No trip to Bandung is complete without a taste of the famous Batagor, and the ones at Riri’s is thought to be one of if not the best. The secret of Riri’s Batagor is its spicy peanut sauce, it’s very pungent and serves as an excellent base for sate dishes. Add a few ounces of lime juice, and kecap manis to your liking, slice your Batagor, slather it with sauce and you’re all set. People seem to eat more sauce than they do the Batagor itself.

It’s nice to end a Bandung trip with Batagor. The flavors of the Batagor pretty much sums up what Indonesian food is all about: very textured, pungent and fiery. You can dip pretty much anything into it—whether its potatos or pasta—and you’re sure to come up with a marvelous interpretation of food. So, get ready to join this trip as we suggest??hmm…, maybe the right moment will come after you to try our whole optional above… Ok.., have nice food’s trip for you… ^_^ (kem)


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