Sunday, January 17, 2010

Salad & Mie

In a formal dinner, the Ambassador of the western state
(when taking food) trying to be kind of an
Indonesian officials lady in front of her

Ambassador: "Do you like salad?"
she thoughts that it “sholat”, and then the lady replied: "Oh yes, five times a day."
Ambasador: "Wow, that's very healthy. What kind of dressing do you
like for salad ?"
Mrs: "Mukena, of course."
The Ambassador thought, “that must be a new dressing for a salad I
never knew before.”
Arriving at the Chinese food area, the lady tried to repay kindness
the Ambassador. Trying with her bad English, but so dare:
Officials Lady (while spooned the noodles (mie) that still hot): "Do you like mie (noodles)?"
Ambassador ( just confused, he thought mie = me): "yes ..... Eeeeem. With
all respect."
Officials Lady (reply the conversation again): "Still hot .. you know."
Ambasador: ?!@?x??? Ambassador:?! @? X??? ^_^
There is a sequel then ....

then they arrived in the French food area, the lady was seeing the nameboard “Escargot”
escargot, then she ordered (while shouted) with the servants: "Bang,
escargot-nya 1 mangkok, tapi es-nya jangan banyak banyak ya...saya lagi flu
(please1 bowl for escargot, but..notice that the ice is not so much more ya ... because I'm in a bad flu)
Luckily the ambassador really didn’t understand yet the Indonesian language (bahasa). ^_^

Joke by Kemal


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