Sunday, April 24, 2011

Annotated Azeroth

Rook's Azeroth, Annotated
Three years after making this, two expansions later, this map is SO wrong and I get that. Long overdue for a new one to be drummed up and I might! We'll see, we'll see. -2010

This thing is 3000 pixels wide. You cannot read the notations at this size, so if you actually care what any of it says, you're gonna want to view it at full. (Nothing you don't already know if you play WoW, just in my handwriting with the occasional "here there be dragons.")

First thing's first, I didn't draw the continents, I only manipulated the hell out of them. My own crinkled paper stock, with Kuschelirmel_Stock's Splat! and Grunge brushes. The map belongs to Blizzard, full stop. WoW, too.

Anyway, I thought it would be neat to "see" what the map Panderbrook has been using for the past forever looks like. You know, it's the same map, every time you hit the M key, it's GOTTA look beat to hell by now. And Lo. It is.

And hey if anyone wants to use the 1024 preview as a desktop wallpaper, I'm fine with that. It's fun. I'd do it myself if I wasn't running uberwidescreenofdoom.

Photoshop, 2007

Edited to Add: My husband just asked, "Does she have a map of Outland?"
Well I guess I know what I'm doing next. =/
Credits & Full Quote by Pickwick


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