Saturday, February 12, 2011

Usefull Natalee Macro

Natalee is a female blood elf rogue, she have responsibility personality, strong leadership, self motivated, dynamic, independent, but good team player in multicultural people, kind, polite, loyal, not arrogant and full-skill rogue who can use all talent like combat, assassination and subtlety. As a Blood Elf, she derived from Eversong Wood, she ventured into Ghostland, Alterac Mountain, Stranglethorn Valley, Booty Bay, Tanaris, un'Goro Crater, Felwood and Winterspring. at level 60 he went to Outland and explore Hellfire Peninlsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest and Nagrand and after level 70 he moved to nothrend and explore the entire Northrend and resides in Dalaran.Moreover, she is an Enchanter [460/460] & Jewelercrafter [450/450]. For the first time, she joined Punisher of Love guild, and then The Grand Marshal and now she with The Elder.
She have a few macro for support her battle, ther is her macro:
Apply Poison to Weapon
/use [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Mind-numbing Poison;[mod:ctrl,mod:alt] Anesthetic Poison II; [mod:alt] Crippling Poison; [mod:ctrl] Deadly Poison IX;[mod:shift] Wound Poison VII;Instant Poison IX
/use [btn:1] 16; [btn:2] 17

Attack Tool
/cast [mod:ctrl,combat,harm,nodead] [target=focus] Dismantle; [mod:shift,combat,harm,nodead] Blind;

Cast Randon Flying Mount
/userandom Albino Drake, X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME, Swift Yellow Wind Rider, Red Drake; Swift Blue Gryphon

Cast Random Mount
/userandom Big Blizzard Bear, Mechano-hog, Black War Raptor, Big Battle Bear, Cobalt War Talbuk, Ice Mammoth, Swift Brown Wolf, Swift Pink Hawkstrider, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Swift Spectral Tiger, Great White Kodo, Ochre Skeletal Warhorse

 Defend Tool
/cast [mod:ctrl] Cloak of Shadows; [mod:shift] Evasion(Rank 2)
/use [mod:alt] 14; 13

/equip [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Runed Band of the Kirin Tor; [mod:ctrl,mod:alt] Band of the Bone Colossus;
/use [mod:shift] Runed Band of the Kirin Tor; [mod:alt] Hearthstone;[mod:ctrl] Runed Band of the Kirin Tor; Hearthstone

All Potion
/use [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Underbelly Elixir;[mod:ctrl,mod:alt] Iron Boot Flask; [mod:shift,mod:alt]Swiftness Potion; [mod:alt] Guru's Elixir; [mod:ctrl] Noggenfogger Elixir;[mod:shift] Grilled Sculpin; Thistle Tea

All Profession
/cast [mod:alt] Jewelcrafting(Grand Master); [mod:ctrl] Enchanting(Grand Master); [mod:shift] Prospecting;Disenchant

All Skills
/cast [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Cooking(Journeyman); [mod:alt] First Aid(Grand Master); [mod:ctrl] Pick Lock; [mod:shift] Basic Campfire; Fishing(Apprentice)

Stealth OR Vanish if Combat
/cast [combat] Vanish(Rank 3); Stealth

Trick of Trade to Focus
#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade
/y Trick of Trade

Join OR Leave Horde & Tradehorde Channel
/join horde
/join tradehorde
/leave horde
/leave tradehorde

Reload, Save & Automatic Walk
/s .save
/y Semua Usia Dapat Bermain World of Warcraft

Use First Trinket
/use 13

Use Second Trinket
/use 14

Wait for her more info from this blog soon!


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