Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 7

8 Microsoft to Windows probably will not be available next year. But based on what so far we know of these windows; The operating system can be much better than Windows 7

Perhaps no company more influential in the field of Microsoft desktop operating system not found. The software giant, the operating system market across the world and has proven to have any Windows version that is capable of with a lot of changes compared to previous versions of his offer. The nothing that is not Microsoft's operating systems market space well knows and knows that to succeed in this market must be what to do.

Windows 7 Maykrsaft arguably one of the most important versions of Windows operating system on the life. After providing Windows Vista, Microsoft began to grow against market and many sellers, the rules for Down grade to Windows XP computer had tons. Customers also expect that Microsoft had enough of Vista has not been welcomed. In addition, companies no Windows Vista did not count. Well all this is bad.

With Windows 7, Microsoft was able to fix Vista well. In fact, this version of the Vista operating system that would be. And now Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 fastest selling has had on Windows. It is clear that Windows users also use that now, at least most are happy with XP.

However the windows in the corner just eight scenes stands; rumors surrounding Microsoft's operating system and its features, rotate. Although little information currently available operating system, but one thing certainly can be said: the 8th of 7 would be better. But why?

1. Windows 8, based on a good operating system, is improved:
8 a large Windows update will not be considered. Instead, the improved version of the operating system of Windows 7 will be. As noted, Windows 7 among consumers and companies customer success is reached. Of the things we know so far about Windows 8, it is clear that Microsoft will not something that is not broken (Windows 7) to right! So probably very similar to Windows 8 Jdsh and many features it does happen. However, that improvement is always provided to customers also will be available in Windows.

2. Security will improve:
With each release of the operating system by Microsoft - or any other company - many security flaws are fixed. This company offers security of Windows XP Service Pack 2, has increased. Windows XP was almost safe. Of course not Pyshynsh generations than rival operating systems! Service Pack Vista were helped to safety. But arguably the most secure version of Windows 7 operating system is. Then where Microsoft always safer Amlsh system worked; expect that Windows 8, the seventh is fully secure.

3. Key compatibility with ARM:
According to the consumer electrical products in recent years, showed a keen interest in ARM; Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows-based devices will support ARM. It is very important. Now that the company wants to build products based on ARM chip, using the opportunity to find the windows. This move not only to Microsoft and retailers will help his colleague, but also probably more options that consumers tend to use Windows; will be given. The opinion of a board game - has won.

4. An application store? Maybe!
It is unlikely that Microsoft to offer an application store; map is drawn. >If this occurs, and despite the so many applications available for Windows is Microsoft may be able in this area even with Apple's Mac version of the Lion to compete. The same operating system with built AppStore will be sold. The future of desktop operating systems, there really good application for a store it will depend. Currently we do not know but if sent in future applications for construction of shop windows to hear; will be glad.

5. Urgent clarification: what is necessary
One of the biggest problems is that on some Windows computers, a lot of time to boot is wasting. According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is working on a solution for Windows that can actually work a little time to prepare. May not seem important, but keep in mind that a wait to boot Windows, how much punishment can be binding.Immediately after boot, something that could become a great possibility.

6. 8 for Windows probably would be more appropriate Tblt
There are several Microsoft operating systems when its ready for deployment is in Tblt knows. But given what the statistics show; time production based on Windows 7 Tblt was low and Android users or IP S. prefer him. Because support for ARM-based device and that Microsoft is definitely more for compatibility with Windows 8 will try Tblt; must await more portable devices based on Windows be next. But how much further the market will determine the character.

7. Saving more energy:
One of the problems that Windows 7 is unable to function effectively in the field of energy savings reach. But according to information leaked from the development of Windows 8 have Maykrvsfat apparently working on energy storage capability that greatly improve.Then wait for more battery life on portable devices that we support this operating system. If this is true; obviously consumers will be happy.

8. What is History Vault?
Windows 8 possibly a new feature called History Vault will. According to rumors, the Apple Time Machine-like feature would be an easy interface for backup on his Mac. S. X; offers. But this option will allow users to Microsoft that their personal files should recover, to amend the old file, and much more work ... Microsoft still has not confirmed this feature. But if a big feature like this, be added to Windows; will be excellent.

9. Better interface:
Windows 7 interface with a more powerful market that it can be quite better than previous generations knew her. The beauty of this feature does lack something.Currently much of Microsoft's next operating system, but probably not said his time Windows 8 will be the same interface. But people are always chasing Microsoft; believe that interface a little more efficient and easier to use. If Microsoft can do this is achieved, up to the expectations of many interfaces will suit. Because the current interface is also much less.

10. Microsoft Drssh learned:
Separate from the operating system, Windows 8 likely will be better than Windows 7. It also one reason: Microsoft Windows Vista will not fail to repeat. Microsoft's latest operating system before the seventh, this company was nothing less than a nightmare. 7 for Microsoft's success was too proud to work in Vista but ruined. The result, a few years were painful for the company. Microsoft also lack confidence in buyers and sellers and investors faced Gzaransh. So we expect that these companies do special to do with Windows 8. Meanwhile, the company except to achieve a better operating system, there would be another choice.



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